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Safe, Durable, & Handmade Baby Clothes

Stitch By Stitch Baby Boutique is owned and operated by a local London, Ontario mother of two boys! She started sewing after sustaining a brain injury in 2014 and was left unable to work outside her home. Stitch By Stitch Baby Boutique is completely hand-made using new techniques and different materials all the time! Stitch By Stitch Baby Boutique offers custom orders but requires 4 weeks notice.

“You can say, I live stitch by stitch in my sewing room and that is why I love my Boutique name!”

- Stitch By Stitch Baby Boutique


Our Vision

Products hand-made In London, Ontario!

Stitch By Stitch Baby Boutique’s vision is to create high-quality baby clothing workmanship using custom fabrics, and embroidery. Stitch By Stitch Baby Boutique took home eco in school when she was young but didn’t touch a sewing machine again until she sustained a brain injury. She was all of a sudden able to sew and do it really well. She doesn't know why or how but her new talent came naturally!

Community Donations

A portion of profits are donated to The Cameron Lavier Endowment Fund

Stitch By Stitch Baby Boutique donates a portion of profits to The Cameron Lavier Endowment Fund. Cameron passed away only four-and-a-half months after a pediatrician found a malignant Rhabdoid tumor on his tailbone. Cam was a sweet and bright boy who loved the Transformers, Paw Patrol, and The Boston Bruins. Cameron's parents honour his memory by helping others struggling with the same issues they did.

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"I have purchased many items from Stacey Bragg she does great work" - Tracey S.

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